So how do you tell them that you like GB? How do you invite people that might also be into it to come and talk to you? Well, we’ve got some visual invitations that will show out your preferences. What about designed inputs?

While Gang Beasts is available only for PC and PS4, it’s logical to equip your gaming device with branded peripherals. We offer the most versatile options since PS4 also supports traditional keyboard and mouse. So you can have them branded, to get the most complete ambience while playing.

Painting your peripherals with this game symbolic will not only show everyone you like this game. Playing it requires a bit of irony, and even more does showing it. Besides that, these beasts are so damn cute!

  • Gang Beasts mouse design                                     

  • Gang Beasts mousepad design                                 

  • Gang Beast keyboard design                                     

Contact us to find out about the prices! We offer discounts for bundle orders!

So far this merchandise is legal, but soon it may appear under prohibition, so hurry to order some! Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase it illegally, and this may cause more adventures that you’d wish.

If there’s anything else, you’ll be informed about it.

You may even get proactive and email us with your questions.


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