When will the Gang Beasts appear on Xbox?

This question is relevant for all Gang Beasts fans all around the world. Despite the Xbox version of the game was initially planned for release in 2018, it seems like Gang Beasts for Xbox is still facing with a few problems, as the port has been postponed a second time.

How to get gang beasts on Xbox one

The Xbox Gang Beasts version was first announced at last year's E3, with a release date in 2018. But this date was then pushed back to January 23rd 2019. And again, in January 2019, Gang Beasts official Twitter account has explained that "a number of issues" were preventing the Xbox version from being released as it was scheduled. The new release date wasn’t announced yet, but you can follow the games official account or subscribe to the newsletter to get all the news and updates.

We hope that the game wouldn’t be a flop and the fans will get the Game Beasts for Xbox One as soon as it is possible.

Developers promise that Gang Beasts will be selling for $19.99. The fans could already preorder the game starting January 9 to receive a 20 percent discount.

Though, if you are one of those who preordered the game, then don’t panic and just for it to come.