How to play Gang Beasts online with friends

Every game becomes better when playing with friends. Gang Beast wasn’t developed to be a multiplayer game, but we can help you to fix that! This article will give some special methods on how to play Gang Beast with your friends. Follow the steps below to have more fun with Gang Beasts game!

How to play Gang Beasts online with Steam account

In Steam, there’s an option to play the game online and invite friends to join. Once you have a Steam account, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Log into Steam and open your game library;

  2. Find Gang Beasts and click on it with right-mouse-button;

  3. Choose Properties;

  4. Select and click Beta Version;

  5. Find the "REFUSE ALL BETA" button;

  6. Click on “Unstable”;

  7. Wait for the download to start.

After you entered the game, click Online and then click either Quick Join, or Browse Servers. When you’re connected to the server, choose Multiplayer, Invite Player and Invite a friend (or friends).

How to play Gang Beasts online on PC

This guide is required for users of Windows and Linux OS.

  1. Make sure that your version and partner version of the game are matching;

  2. Download the TeamViewer program (your friend has to get the program too);

  3. Open the Gang Beasts;

  4. With TeamViewer connect to friends PCs to play together.
    When pressing the "Tab" key, the control settings window will open. Here you can see how much players are in the game now. You can play both on the keyboard and on the joystick. If the game lags, then in the settings of TeamViewer lower the screen resolution.

We hope you found our guides helpful! Enjoy the Gang Beasts online with your friends and don’t forget to tell us if you know any other methods on how to play the game online too.