When will the Gang Beasts appear on Xbox? This question is relevant for all Gang Beasts fans all around the world. Despite the Xbox version of the game was initially planned for release in 2018, it seems like Gang Beasts for Xbox is still facing with a few problems, as the port has been postponed a second time. How to get gang beasts on Xbox one The Xbox Gang Beasts version was first announced at last year's E3, with a release date in 2018. But this date was then pushed back to January 23rd 2019. And again, in January 2019, Gang Beasts official Twitter account has explained that "a number of issues" were preventing the Xbox version from being released as it was scheduled. The new release date wasn’t announced yet, but you can follow the games official account or subscribe to the newsletter to get all the news and updates. We hope that the game wouldn’t be a flop and the fans will get the Game Beasts for Xbox One as soon as it is possible. Developers promise that Gang Beasts will be selling for $19.99. The fans could already preorder the game starting January 9 to receive a 20 percent discount. Though, if you are one of those who preordered the game, then don’t panic and just for it to come.   Continue Reading How to get Gang Beasts on PS4: download and install guide Wondering how to get the Gang Beasts on PS4? We will help you! Follow our downloading and installation guide to bring the most fun party game to your PlayStation! How to get Gang Beasts on PS4 These steps will help you to download Gang Beasts for PS4. To get the game, you have to: Go to the Play Station official store (; Find Gang Beasts and click on “Add to Card”; You will be redirected on the login page; Log In or register by clicking “Create New Account” if you are new to the site; Purchase the game. Now, head to downloading and installing it to the PS itself. Download and Install Guide There are two possibilities to download digital content from the online PlayStation Store. You can download directly from the PlayStation Library or remotely from the PlayStation Store online. To download from the PS Library, you have to follow those 4 steps: Step 1: Go to the PS4 Library > Purchased section; Step 2: Find the Gang Beasts game and press the X button on the controller; Step 3: Select Download to start downloading the game; For available purchased game content (add-ons, themes, etc) select PlayStation Store and press the X button to find and download the needed content. Step 4: When the downloading is complete, the game will appear on the PS4 Home screen. To download remotely from the PlayStation Store on the Web, you also have to go to the web version of the PlayStation Store and download the game to your primary PS4. This method has 3 steps: Step 1: Go to the PlayStation Store  from your browser and sign in to your PSN account; Step 2: Find the Download List under your profile name; Step 3: Select the Gang Beasts game and click the Download to your PS4 button. Don’t forget to enable the automatic download to keep your content updated. Continue Reading How to throw people in Gang Beasts The game provides many ways to defeat the enemy, but in this article, we’d take a little look on how to grab and throw opponents in the Gang Beasts game. Gang Beasts controllers guide Before getting to the throw combos, let’s get familiar with Gang Beasts controls. This section is separated by the platform you play on (PS4 controller or PC keyboard). So, PS4 controllers are: Jump: X; Run: X (Hold while pressing a direction); Sit: X (Hold while staying still); Kick: Square; Lie down: Square (Hold); Duck: Circle; Crawl: Circle (Hold); Headbutt: Circle; Lift: Triangle; Taunt: Triangle; Left punch/grab: L1; Right punch/grab: R1; You can also use the D-pad to change camera viewpoints and R2 to switch your focus when observing. PC Keyboard controllers: Movement: WASD; Jump: Space bar; Run: Space bar (Hold while pressing a direction); Sit: Space bar (Hold while staying still); Kick: M; Lie down: M (Hold); Duck: Ctrl; Crawl: Ctrl (Hold); Headbutt: Ctrl; Lift: Shift; Taunt: Shift; Left punch/grab: key or a left mouse button; Right punch/grab: key button or a right mouse button; Rotate between spectating players: < and >. How to throw in Gang Beasts Here, we’d like to introduce you to the button combinations for PC controller. The algorithm can be used for PS4, you only need to substitute the PC buttons with PS4. So, there are two methods to throw enemies in the game. Explore both and choose the one you like more. The first method includes: Use both arms using the LMB (left mouse button) and the RMB (right mouse button) to grab the “geloman”; Press the Shift key while still holding down on the LMB and the RMB, to lift them up; Finally, release Shift and hurry up before the enemy you are holding hits the ground, release the LMB and the RMB. The second method: Grab a geloman with either the LMB or the RMB (not both at the same time); If the opponent you are throwing is not knocked out then press and hold down Shift; If you are holding the enemy with your left arm, start walking in a clockwise circle; If you are holding them up with your right arm, start walking in vise versa direction; Now, when you’re ready, release either the LMB or the RMB. The thrown player will be in quite a few feet. We hope you’ll like our guide! If you have other methods to suggest, please write them in comments so we can give players only actual and updated information! Enjoy the game and beat your opponents!   Continue Reading How to play Gang Beasts online with friends Every game becomes better when playing with friends. Gang Beast wasn’t developed to be a multiplayer game, but we can help you to fix that! This article will give some special methods on how to play Gang Beast with your friends. Follow the steps below to have more fun with Gang Beasts game! How to play Gang Beasts online with Steam account In Steam, there’s an option to play the game online and invite friends to join. Once you have a Steam account, you have to follow these steps: Log into Steam and open your game library; Find Gang Beasts and click on it with right-mouse-button; Choose Properties; Select and click Beta Version; Find the "REFUSE ALL BETA" button; Click on “Unstable”; Wait for the download to start. After you entered the game, click Online and then click either Quick Join, or Browse Servers. When you’re connected to the server, choose Multiplayer, Invite Player and Invite a friend (or friends). How to play Gang Beasts online on PC This guide is required for users of Windows and Linux OS. Make sure that your version and partner version of the game are matching; Download the TeamViewer program (your friend has to get the program too); Open the Gang Beasts; With TeamViewer connect to friends PCs to play together. When pressing the "Tab" key, the control settings window will open. Here you can see how much players are in the game now. You can play both on the keyboard and on the joystick. If the game lags, then in the settings of TeamViewer lower the screen resolution. We hope you found our guides helpful! Enjoy the Gang Beasts online with your friends and don’t forget to tell us if you know any other methods on how to play the game online too.   Continue Reading