About us

What’s Gang Beasts? The best description to it might be “Teletubbies in GTA”. It’s a street criminal saga made in arcade style, but its characters are, to your surprise, strange unidentified anthropomorphous beasts, acting and looking extremely funny.

So, if you have played this game even in its beta phase, you know how inventive and humorous it is, and what to expect from these adventures. And if you haven’t, just try it! Well, some say that’s the unusual case when the release version is no better than beta (pun unintended), so you may try to search it elsewhere.

Anyway, it’s hard not to laugh when you see hard gang showdowns with these funny furry creatures. So what do we see in this game?

  • Irony. First of all, it’s ironic, and that’s the difference between this one and “serious” analogs.

  • Graphics. It’s quite lovable because of its looks, that’s how it works.

  • Controls. Quite tight and elaborate, at least so it was in beta version. Maybe those on PlayStation are luckier.

  • Just a great game, after all!

You can find other Gang Beasts fans online and join them in the multiplayer game. Then you’ll need to get your rivals off the map. It must be hilarious to watch it streaming as an outside watcher, but the gaming process is far too amusing to think of it.

Though fans may be disappointed with what Steam offers now, it’s not about the game itself, rather about its current version. Hope they’ll make it right. Otherwise, the furry vengeance will come!

And so far you can mark your beast gang, so everybody knows you’re a gang beast too. Or you can provide your friends with this stuff to show your concern and appreciation if you know they’re into it.