Tips and Techniques on How to Win the Gang Beasts Game In today’s generation, modern technology had brought so many uses into each person’s life. Entertainment nowadays is easy to access even when you’re at home. There are so many games that were created by genius minds to bring entertainment and happiness in a person’s life. One of those games is the Gang Beasts. Do you have any idea about this game? Have you already played a game like this? What does it feels like? Do you find it hard to win the game? Don’t you worry, now, you can gain new tips and strategies on how to play and win the Gang Beasts game. But first, let us know some facts about the Gang Beasts. What, when, and where did the Game Beasts start? This game is created by Boneloaf- a British indie studio and published by the Double Fine Presents. The game was released for macOS. Linux, Microsoft Windows, and Play Station 4 last 12th of December, the year 2017 and got early access for PC platforms last August 2014. Here are some of the tips and strategies that you can use in playing Gang Beasts. If you think that the Gang Beasts sucks you, here’s a tip for it. You can use the backflip dropkick. It can completely and easily knock out your enemies on just one hit and sometimes, it can also drag them across the level. To make this move, tight hold on the kick button and followed by a quick tap in the jump button will be needed. A great and proper timing should be done to do a backflip. Once you have done the backflip near in any of the targets, you will do some launching towards them and devastate whatever comes in your way. If you are fighting a wave, it is recommended for you to hold the kick button and crash the jump button. Now, you have one powerful tip and strategy to win the game. Go and win the game! Defeat all your enemies! Note: Please be careful on using this powerful tip especially on the gondola and trucks level or else, you’ll probably fall. If you’re using your personal computer, here are the must for you to properly control the game. If you’re going to launch a kick, hit the letter E Hit CTRL for a headbutt If you need to hold, hit the Shift The space bar is for jumping If you wish to walk around, hit WASD Grab left hand with the left arrow and the right hand with the right arrow For the basics, which includes running and climbing, there are also tips to help you win the game. Running is a good way to avoid and chase your enemies. Just simply hit the jump button on your controller to do this so. In climbing, maybe it is a bit tricky, but we can do something about that. To perform climbing, you need to grab both hands and double hit the jump button. There are two kinds of climbing in this game, first is the normal climbing and the next one is the bendy climb. In the normal climbing, just to the tip as mentioned above. Grab both hands and double tap the jump button to get yourself up. This kind of trick really works in the subway for you to get back up. The next one is the bent climbing, you need to grab the wall you wish to climb on and then hold both the headbutt and kick. Move to the part you wish to climb and you will yourself doing it. Another tip is for your fighting techniques. Having a promising and unique fighting technique is useful for you to win the game. One of that is the spamming technique. This only needs spamming buttons (kick, headbutt, and punch). Another one is the counter which refers to the grabbing of your enemies’ legs. Be careful because they can still launch a kick in your face s you need a lot of effort to hold and hit them. The Luchador is also a vital technique which includes kicking and punching in the air like a Mexican wrestler. So, just keep on jumping in the air and hit those enemies. Lastly, you can use the crouching tiger technique which is not a famous way, but you can still use to fool your enemies. This technique requires you to lay down, bending your stomach (hold the headbutt button) and when your enemy goes near you, hit it with a punch and headbutt. This technique, if used properly, can bring you in the success. This game also has fun stuff. One of that is the slide, if you want to slide in your stomach, you must hold the headbutt button as you run. On the other hand, if you want to have a backslide, hold the kick button as you run. Another one is the zombie walk. He zombie walk technique is a fun technique to do. To do this technique, you must hold the kick and headbutt button to look like you walk strangely. Advanced moves and controls can also help you to win the game. This includes two types of dropkick which are the easy and advanced dropkick. In the easy dropkick, you just need to walk down and jump as you hold the kickbutt button. On the advanced dropkick, run towards your enemy, jump and hit the kick button for you to fly vertically in the air and give a one-time knockout on your enemy. Another fun technique to do is flying headbutt. To do this, you must jump, headbutt and hold the headbutt button again to make a flop. Have you learned anything? We’re happy if you have. All of these mentioned techniques will not guarantee your winning, well maybe yes. The important thing here if you have enjoyed playing the game. Your own and personal techniques and tactics, and your perseverance will be your key to win the game.   Continue Reading Gang Beasts: gameplay and controls Gang Beasts appeared in the Early Access to Steam in 2014. The pro gamers and ordinary players already saw the potential in it. The simplest fighting game, which does not require complicated combinations is well suited for entertainment with friends. Watching the fights of Gelo-men is really fun. So, if you’re about to start the Gang Beasts game, this article will guide through controllers and gameplay. Gang Beasts controllers guide This section is going to be separated by the platform you play on (PS4 controller, Xbox One controller, PC keyboard + mouse). So, PS4 controllers are: Jump: X; Run: X (Hold while pressing a direction); Sit: X (Hold while staying still); Kick: Square; Lie down: Square (Hold); Duck: Circle; Crawl: Circle (Hold); Headbutt: Circle; Lift: Triangle; Taunt: Triangle; Left punch/grab: L1; Right punch/grab: R1; You can also use the D-pad to change camera viewpoints and R2 to switch your focus when observing. Controllers for Xbox One players: To jump: A To run: A (Hold while pressing a direction) To sit: A (Hold while staying still) To kick: X To lie down: X (Hold) To duck: B To crawl: B (Hold) To headbutt: B To lift: Y To taunt: Y Left punch/grab: LB Right punch/grab: RB To rotate between spectating players: < and >. PC Keyboard controllers: Movement: WASD; Jump: Space bar; Run: Space bar (Hold while pressing a direction); Sit: Space bar (Hold while staying still); Kick: M; Lie down: M (Hold); Duck: Ctrl; Crawl: Ctrl (Hold); Headbutt: Ctrl; Lift: Shift; Taunt: Shift; Left punch/grab: key or a left mouse button; Right punch/grab: key button or a right mouse button; Rotate between spectating players: < and >. How to start a game in Gang Beasts The essence of the game is simple: several people fall into a small location and must defeat each other by throwing opponents out of the map or in some danger zones. In local matches, a maximum of four users can participate, and online the number can reach up to eight. There is no difference between the characters. In the main menu, you can change their appearance, but it does not affect any characteristics of the your fighters. Though, hats and costumes give them individuality and make it easier for you to understand who’s dead or who’s still alive. At first, you will have to fight not only for the sake of victory but rather to understand how the controlling works. Part of the action is carried out by pressing and another part by holding the buttons. You can beat your opponent with your head and hands, and then, when he falls unconscious for a couple of seconds, grab a breathless body and take it to the right place or throw it away. It also happens that in trying to eliminate the enemy you fall outside the map itself, but this does not cause irritation. A simple formula works at the expense of various cards, each of which offers unique ways to punch people. The group falls on moving trucks, on the roofs of which it is dangerous to stand because of road signs. Sometimes characters can be found on a flying airship and almost slip off it and this also increases the danger of death. One of the most fun locations is the subway, where you need to push each other under a passing train. Each match quickly turns into chaos: everyone beats each other on the head, jumps, faints, someone pulls someone aside. A man falling off a cliff suddenly wakes up and grabs his hands by the wall, trying to climb up, and then approaches his offender and cuts him down in revenge. Some cards have destructible objects like fences, boards and windows, which adds more opportunities in battle, but at the same time makes the fight more dangerous. As you can see, the game offers simple gameplay to enjoy. For newbies, you have to play several times to get used to controls and then the game will bring you more fun! Play with your friends on parties or enjoy it after a long day, the Gang Beasts will still give you the best experience.   Continue Reading